Does this sound familiar?

You recorded an awesome video and have done everything you can to promote it…shared it on Social media, optimized the title and description.  Promoted it across communities….and the results fall SHORT…you are just NOT getting the views you’re hoping for.


What did you do wrong?

While great video content is always the first step, there’s another one you may have missed:

Adding subtitles

Captioning your videos can have a huge effect on  how successful they are. This is true for movies, TV, social media videos, training content, and any other kinds of videos you might record and share.


So Why Don’t More Videos Have Subtitles?


Many marketers aren’t aware of the incredible traffic & conversion boosting effects of captions & voice-overs.
So they continue to throw time & money into flashy special effects, not realizing the shortcut to profits is incredibly simple.
Existing tools to transcribe your videos are limited & often ineffective.
And creating hardcoded subtitles – the ones that show up everytime on any device – is VERY time consuming and challenging.
Current subtitle softwares can actually HURT conversions.
Most subtitles appear as multiple lines of text, which can “give away” a surprise or special offer that hasn’t yet appeared visually in your video. This leads to a higher drop-off rate and can actually lower conversions.

Why not lower your STRESS level and

let us ADD subtitles to your video(s)!