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Do you want to learn how to make a whiteboard video?

So how to make a whiteboard video can be simple or complicated, it will depend on a few factors.

  1. you can do it yourself (If you have no deadline for creating your video you may want to do this)
  2. Search online and find a program that will help you to animate your images/text.
  3. Write a script
  4. Find a voice/music
  5. Start creating


  1. have a company create it (take all the stress out of learning)
Whether it’s to inform your clientele,  present a service or to showcase a new product.

Whether it is to inform your client, present a service or to showcase a product, there are endless ways to use a whiteboard animated video.

White board animation is a great way to create memorable and engaging videos. The most popular type of whiteboard videos are explainer videos,  presentation videos and educational animations.

Statistics show that 73% of searches on YouTube are about how-to videos.  We also know that explainer videos increased product understanding by 74% and create a loyal audience that will listen to you and even follow you like a star.

Whiteboard animations are captivating and very engaging because they are fun and very informative.

Take the leap of faith and jump into the future with a genius marketing whiteboard video.

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