Meet Michael! Michael is a Real Estate Agent! He enjoys his flexible schedules and is passionate about his work. But Michael knows its HARDWORK to be a successful Real Estate Agent in this tough, competitive time. There are a lot of tasks that Michael needs to accomplish, including; creating and managing his website; planning and managing open houses; reading and responding to emails; coordinating with companies and lenders; organizing and posting ads; and managing property tours and closings. Michael is a born Multi-tasker and surprisingly he accomplishes all his tasks making him a successful Real Estate Agent. He puts a great deal of time and effort in creating his marketing material. And he has the best marketing material that is out there.

But the ‘PROBLEM’ is! Due to growing competition, his marketing efforts are not seeing much results, Michael needs better ideas to connect to his prospects and generate more leads. He is frustrated and looking for answers… But one day, Michael received an email from Videodrawings. At first, he was skeptical about this, but he was curious. Michael didn’t know that this could be the answer to his problem! Until then, no-one told Michael that he has a 60% better chance to have his material seen by creating a simple expaliner video

Nobody told him that videos are 53 times more likely to engage audiences than text, images or flyers. With the power of the social sharing; an interesting explainer video can be an extremely powerful social media tool that can go VIRAL… Michael discovered how a simple, yet inspiring Whiteboard video that can solve his problem. He picked up his phone and contacted them. Within a few hours the process was started. Together they captured the key points that were important for his clients to create and entertaining script. Within a few days Videodrawings provided a draft of the story board. Michael then reviewed and suggested some corrections and the production began, creating his very own “MARKETING GEM”. A couple of days later, his . was delivered. The whole process was a breeze and pretty laid-back. Michael is now showing off his new video to all his customers. His conversions have improved significantly. Now with his new achieved Success, Michael is closing more deals. Ultimately his problem is solved and once again he is back, Being a Sales Super Star!


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