We’ve been asked by many people how do you create hand-drawn videos?

…so we would like to  show you the steps to engage and draw people in share your vision and tell great stories.

There are five steps in the process of building and delivering hand-drawn videos they include

  • idea development
  • scripting
  • storyboarding
  • editing and
  • posting online

To start the process

you need to define and refine your ideas as a rule of thumb,  keep the length of your video between 30 seconds and 4 minutes,  work with a small team and have clear goals and message outcomes defined.

Once your script is complete,  include an artist to storyboard the script scene by scene and help you come up with pictures and ideas to make the story come alive.

After your script and storyboarding is complete you are ready to record your story.   We draw and record our video on a whiteboard in six separate scenes  or instead of a whiteboard you can also draw on large sheets of paper or sketch pads,  napkins or use a digital tablet with a screen capture program.


Remember to also record the audio narration of the script separately so that you can include it into the video during editing.  When the drawing and recording of the story is complete you still have to edit your video sequences together and insert the titles narration music credits and contact information.


When you have it all assembled

you’ll need to format the completed video to a standard output file such as an mpeg-4 or AVI so you can post it onto a video share site like YouTube or Vimeo or to an internal SharePoint site.

To broaden the videos reach we suggest embedding video links into your website posting onto social network sites blogs,  broadcast emailing and tweeting links to clients and friends and even showing it at public events.

Good luck and have fun

and if this all looks a bit too big to handle and you want some help feel free to contact us!

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